Please read carefully our FAQ and conditions of cooperation, thanks.

May I use fake pictures to represent me on my website?

We have strict NO FAKE/STOLEN PICTURES policy! That means that, if you supply fake pictures and we will be able to prove it, your website will be closed (in any stage of cooperation) and money will not be returned!

What services do you offer?

Our services such as SEO, submission to search engines, promotion, website maintenance are available only to our customers. We work only with our code, our hosting and our websites. If you want to use our services such as marketing for you already existing website, that was not designed or coded by us, additional charges may occur.

What will the design look like?

We always listen to your ideas - colours, inner pages...but please keep in mind, that as designers we have got our own style and our own "handwriting". So if you come to us, we presume you like our work. To see our work, please visit our PORTFOLIO PAGE.

What is marketing?

Marketing means exchanging banners with other adult websites (independent escorts, escort agencies...), listing websites with escort directories, listing your website with top100 lists, submitting to review sites (such as Captain69)...so clients can find you. Marketing is vital to get your website visible and visited by possible clients. There are many good places to list your website with escort directories and escort review websites. Link exchange with other escort websites, escort agencies, other adult sites is important as well. The more sites linking to you, the better. More links = more visits. We know that there are some other adult website designers that claim that link exchange makes no sense and that there are just a small handful of places to link to. But this is not true and we know this for sure as every single week we get requests from escort ladies and escort agencies that bought their website from someone else asking me for SEO work and for massive marketing for their website. In other words, those ladies paid hundreds or even 1000+ Euros for a beautiful website that is not bringing them any business. Our link exchange programe is one of the best on the market. Our marketing specialist knows all the best places to list your website with, as well as places where not to place your link as many directories delete your link without reason or warning after a few weeks. Our specialist is constantly looking and testing new places to promote your website with. Marketing is always done according to your needs - place you are based in, places you wish to travel and work. Good marketing and a quality SEO work hand in glove. Marketing is vital for another good reason. All the adult/escorting websites are competing for the best position in the search engines. Many of the directories are big and online for many years, so it is very difficult to fight with them for those positions. It is wiser to get your website listed with them and enjoy the traffic they send your way.

What is SEO?

SEO is optimising your website for search engines for desired key words and phrases so search engines can find you. We use a special software that suggests how to optimise your website to get the best chance to be found. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, that means optimizing your website for search engines (search engines are for example Google, Yahoo, Bing...) We use a special software to create the very best SEO for your website for the desired search terms and to get your website indexed and high ranking in search engines as soon as possible. We employ well tested and tried SEO methods and techniques that will help your website to get visible and visited.

Do you provide hosting?

We provide hosting for all our websites on a dedicated and very secure host server.

Can you buy a domain for my website?

We can buy the domain for you to protect your anonymity.

How long does it take?

After receiving down-payment and information for your website, designs will be created within 7-10 working days (working day: Monday - Friday). After confirming design, to finish your website with all data takes another 7-10 working days. This may vary depending on amount of data and changes.

Can you do a faster "rush job" for me?

Yes. If you are really in hurry for you website, we can give a priority to your project. But this will cost extra. In such a case we charge double the original price.

Text, videos, pictures - copyright

All code and graphics are created by Chocolate Office. Content (text, images and video) are supplied by the customer.

The content is the responsibility of the client, and bears full responsibility for any legal issues that may arise from the supply of such content.

Please read more here - Copyright Issues and our implementation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

Hosting and Back-ups

You can choose to host your site with us but use a different webmaster to administer the site. In this case your webmaster is responsible for backups of the content.

It is always wise to have your files backed up locally or in an offsite location. Never assume your host will have your files backed up for you. You are responsible for your backups and web content.

We run our own weekly backups every Sunday and we can restore from those. However, you should NOT rely on our back ups to keep your content safe as only the newest backups are kept. We make no guarantees about our weekly backups and we highly recommend that you make your own off site back ups regularly.

Copyright Issues and our implementation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

Our servers are located in the United States, and we therefore are bound by US law. In terms of copyright law, we fully comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) 1998.

We have a zero tolerance policy on copyrighted content (text, images and video) placed on our servers. We do not allow any of our clients to place copyrighted content on our servers, and we will not knowingly allow copyrighted content to be placed on our servers.

Since much of the material on our sites are uploaded directly by clients using their content management system (CMS), or clients may supply us with content where they claim to have the rights to use such content when in fact they do not, then as a third party we cannot be held responsible for such copyright infringements which may occur without our knowledge.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) legally protects third parties such as forum operators, content providers and web designers such as Chocolate Office from infringements of copyright carried out by clients or guests using our servers.

In return for this legal protection, it is incumbent upon us to take any claims of copyright infringement seriously and to remove such content as soon as reasonably possible after a claim of copyright infringement is presented to us. You do not need to prove that you have legal copyright for us to remove the content, we must comply with your request without question.

We will therefore fully comply with any DMCA Requests to remove copyrighted material from our servers. If you see material on one of our client websites where you are the copyright holder and have not given permission for that material to be reproduced by our client, send us an email to: office@chocolateoffice.com, stating where you saw the material, and the material will be removed as soon as possible.

You can read more about the DMCA here.